Passionate traveller’s hot soup is Lacuna!

We have properties located at exotic locations that will make every soul dance to the music of nature and tune to it’s frequency!
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We would love to blend with the raw nature to observe its beauty, and so shall be your stay with us. The rammed earth constructions and the grass roofs where even the walls breathe allows the peace flow through you.` At our high machans in the campsites, the beauty of wildlife majestically whispers and paves way for the thump of emotions gushing into your soul!

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We are delighted to be in this field of tourism for 12 years and the enthusiasm to see our guests enjoy their time at our properties has always been a catalyst to our best service. Thus, we designed a rare concept of adventure twined with organic lifestyle and awareness. Each destination here has some unique engagements. We are also promoting organic lifestyle and authentic organic products at the destinations. We maintain the transparency between our guests and the producers so that you can know in depth about the products in person with the producers. Thus, our properties are the refresh buttons for your mind, body and soul!

- Team Lacuna

To experience the wet soil, to slip and toil in the off roads, to breathe in the peace and exhale your stress, we are here with your mother nature with open arms!
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